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Classic Car Insurance in Oklahoma

Your classic car is no ordinary automobile. Regular car insurance doesn't provide enough protection to protect your baby from loss or damage.

You'll need classic car insurance from TLC Insurance Associates in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma to do just that. We understand how much effort and time you put into your classic car. We have the knowledge and experience to help you get comprehensive coverage.

Why Get Classic Car Coverage?

Most consider a classic car to be a 10-24-year-old automobile with some historical interest. For most cars, this means severe depreciation. But it's not the same for classic cars. Some of them appreciate it as time goes by.

Regular insurance policies don't take historical significance into account. So they won't evaluate your classic car at its true market value. You'll pay the difference for replacements or repairs out of pocket if an accident happens.

Classic Car Insurance Qualifications

Not just age determines whether a vehicle qualifies as a classic car in Oklahoma. Other criteria include:

  • Limited use: You cannot use this car to run errands or commute to work. Chances are your policy will have mileage limitations. Some companies require you to own a regular car for daily use.
  • Car meets and shows: Some insurers allow travel to auto club meet-ups and car shows on their policies.
  • Secure storage: When not in use, you must store your classic car in a storage unit or other enclosed structure.

We specialize in classic car insurance at TLC Insurance Associates in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. We know exactly why you want to protect your baby. We also know the challenges you face when looking for special insurance coverage. Our knowledgeable team and their determined attitudes will ease the aggravation and headaches. Call us today if you're in Oklahoma and let us protect what moves you.