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Commercial Insurance in Oklahoma

If you have a business in Oklahoma, you must be aware of the many risks surrounding your venture. Your business is never far from risk, from employee accidents, fires, and natural disasters to liability claims. But since this is the nature of the business environment, you must think about techniques for mitigating risks. Investing in business insurance is one of the best ways to protect your business from risks. But what do you know about commercial insurance?

While business insurance is broad, TLC Insurance Associates shares the basics to get you started.

Common business insurance policies

Commercial insurance comes in all shapes and sizes — it’s not one comprehensive coverage as most people think. Here are the standard policies you should know concerning commercial insurance.

  • Liability insurance: Regardless of the size or nature of your business, you are never far from liability losses. Regrettably, liability claims can be costly, and it only takes one to bring your business down. Luckily, you can avoid going this route by investing in liability coverage. This policy protects your business when third parties accuse you of property damage, advertising, and bodily injury.
  • Property insurance: Your business consists of furniture, storage, computers, inventories, and other assets to help with operations. Since your business assets are exposed to perils like fire and theft, you should invest in property insurance to safeguard your assets.
  • Worker’s comp insurance: Your employees are one of the most prized assets, so it makes sense to protect them with commercial insurance. Worker’s comp insurance pays for the medical costs of your employees suffering from illnesses and work-related injuries.
  • Commercial auto insurance: Whether you have one or several business vehicles, investing in commercial auto insurance is a good idea. This coverage protects your vehicles and occupants when accidents happen.
  • Cyber liability insurance: As more businesses become digitalized, the risk of cybercrimes increases daily. One way you can cyber-proof your business is by investing in commercial insurance. It cushions you financially when cybercriminals compromise your business operations.

The above are just some of the commercial policies we offer. If you want to learn more about our insurance services, please call or email TLC Insurance Associates in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma for more information.