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Umbrella Insurance in Oklahoma

Having enough insurance is vital for protecting yourself from several risks. If you have a vehicle and own a home, you need home and auto insurance policies. This would help you pay for bills that might be too expensive if you had to pay them on your own. It's always a good idea to keep this insurance and know how much you have. It's possible that you don't have enough to cover accidents that happen. Getting umbrella insurance can help you to have enough of the coverage you need. If you're in Oklahoma, you can call us at TLC Insurance Associates in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma to find out more.

Insurance Overages

Your home and auto policies both have some protection against liability. Home insurance covers accidents that can happen to someone at your home. It pays for medical bills and lost wages. Auto insurance pays for others' injuries and damages when you cause an accident. However, if you don't have enough liability coverage in each of these insurance policies, they won't be able to pay for everything when there is an expensive accident. This would leave overages that you would be responsible for paying.

Umbrella Coverage

When you have umbrella insurance, it steps in to pay those overages for you. First, the auto or home policy is active and pays toward the medical bills. After it has maxed out, the umbrella policy pays for anything left over. This can save you from major financial trouble after a severe accident with many medical costs afterward. It's important to have this insurance just in case.

Get Your Umbrella Policy

To stay protected against significant accidents, you need to have umbrella insurance. It's a low-cost type of coverage that comes with very high limits. Call us at TLC Insurance Associates in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma to get started with your policy in Oklahoma.